Tenth anniversary lunch – June 2016

WWIBWe were delighted that Jan Godfrey and Suzanne Rhind from the Wayland Partnership were able to join us for our tenth anniversary celebrations, as the group was their brainchild at its commencement in 2006. We particularly appreciated their help in cutting the cake!
Our inspirational speaker was Joan Khurody who published her first book (her autobiography) ‘No-one Mentioned Bandits’ at the age of 80 – a perfect example that it is never too late to take on a new challenge. Joan entertained us with her life story, beginning in rural Suffolk, through her education at Reading University, her marriage to an Indian and the challenge of facing prejudice, her life in rural India and her eventual return to the UK in the late eighties.
We were captivated by snippets from Joan’s second book, ‘Into the Night with a Stranger’ – a work of fiction based on Joan’s personal experience of life in India. Joan also provided us with a photographic exhibition of her time in India.


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