Spring 2019 Lunch

We had a brilliant start to the year with our Spring Lunch at Broom Hall Country Hotel where our guest speaker was Watton Mayor Tina Kiddell. Tina was working at M&S in London when she looked down the street and decided that she wanted to be a black cab driver in the City. After 2 years of learning every street and the best routes, Tina got her badge – in the process winning “The Knowledge Boy of the Year Award” in 1986.

We heard many funny stories, but also how the cabbies get a real feel of the available cash on the street (albeit now mainly card payments) and is a good barometer of the nation’s street economics – some high up in finance even asking for her opinions.

Whilst still a heavily male orientated job, Tina explained that her job is excellent for mothers, as you have the flexibility to choose when you work. When re-evaluating her work/life balance a few years ago she took up a vacancy on the Town Council and really started meeting people locally and putting her roots down in Watton. It soon became clear to us that Tina is very passionate about making where she lives better for us all.

Comparisons can also be seen as to how you interact with people at a street level as a black cab driver and in her role as Mayor.

We had three exhibitors, Jan with Motherly Love products for expectant mums, new mums and beyond, which is her own brand of products using natural oils, Anna with her beautifully coloured Mudeka Tribe shoes and Clarice amazing Kenyan jewellery.

Forthcoming events:

Thursday 20 June 3pm. Afternoon Tea at College Farm, Thompson. £15.00

Wednesday 18 September 12pm. Lunch at Broom Hall with guest speaker Jessica Glover from the Benjamin Foundation. Tickets available in the summer.

Thursday 5 December 12pm. Christmas Lunch at Broom Hall.

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