Wayland Women in Business (WWIB) Privacy Notice

Data Held

You have or will provide personal information as part of our contract with you, and to receive information about events and other information of interest to WWIB members.
Information you provide may be shown printed on the Attendee Sheets at events, on receipts, invoices and/or in processing financial information/bookings to third parties. Your name, business name and website details may also be displayed on the WWIB website.
The Personal Information we collect: -
- Personal identifiers such as your title and name.
- Contact details – your business address, email and telephone number. This could be your home address, telephone number and personal email if you work from home.
- email address.
Sensitive Personal Data:

The Data Protection Act recognises some information as ‘sensitive data’. This includes, but is not limited to, information which reveals your religious beliefs, health issues, race or ethnic origin. WWIB does not request any information of this kind, but should any member give us information about themselves which is sensitive, we will treat this in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
Why we collect your personal Information:
- To process your orders for events
- To process your advertising orders
- To keep you informed about WWIB events
- To keep you informed of specific information relevant to business
- To keep financial records of payments made and received, and to contact you should there be any queries regarding payments and/or orders.
We will only use Personal Information for the purposes listed above and will not pass your personal details to any other organisations.
In relation to the data we hold, you have the rights to:
- Request in writing and securely obtain copies of the personal information WWIB holds about you
- Correct or update your personal information processed by WWIB
- To request WWIB to stop using your personal information for any purpose where there is no legal requirement for continued processing
- Request erasure of personal information held, or restrict the data held. Please be aware that WWIB requires specific information in order to process our contractual obligations
- Object to processing
- Withdraw consent
How long we keep your data:

We will only keep your personal information for as long as it is required to process your bookings with WWIB and in accordance with statutory requirements.

Opting out

You may request us to stop sending you information at any time. You can request an opt-out at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” on any of our newsletters. If this process is unsuccessful, please email on
If you wish to make a complaint, please contact the WWIB or write to WWIB c/o Hornbeam House, Mere Road, Stow Bedon, Attleborough, NR17 1HP.

Changes to the WWIB Privacy Notice:

We will review this Privacy notice regularly and may update it at any time for example due to changes in the legal framework or due to changes in how WWIB operates.

21 May 2018