Late summer update

The team at Wayland Women in business have all been very busy of late so we have several events to up date you all on!

Sophie Jewry – May lunch 2018

In May we welcomed Sophie along to our lunch. Sophie is also known as the Queen of Brand and the Princess of Planners, due to her passion for businesses creating their own sense of identity. We were reminded that creating strong a strong business identity is so important, with our customers then wanting to be a part of it and subsequently share their experiences with others. Sophie also started her own planner business, to help us organise our daily lives.
During our lives, we all have different stages we go through, but thanks to Sophie’s kind words we all came away feeling empowered and reminded of what wonderful women we all are!

College Farm Thompson – Traditional Afternoon Tea

In July we took the chance to relax and catch up in the beautiful gardens for Afternoon Tea at College Farm, Thompson with sandwiches, scones with cream & strawberry jam, and a tasty selection of cakes and savouries freshly made by our hostess, Katharine Wolstenholme. A very successful afternoon.


Autumn Lunch – Candi’s Chutneys - Wednesday 26 September

We are thrilled to be welcoming Candi to our Autumn lunch.
Candi has been a professional chef for 30 years and in that time she perfected a very different product. She believes in taste and quality. Virtually all of her Chutneys are Candi’s own recipes and have evolved over many years of experimentation, using the very best quality ingredients grown in East Anglia.

Diary Date – Christmas Lunch at Broom Hall – Thursday 29 November


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