Autumn lunch 2016

For our September 2016 lunch, we welcomed Jo Wilson, Executive Director of Unity in Diversity, a community interest company focusing on celebrating difference in diversity. Jo gave an interesting account of her life including growing up with parents from opposite ends of the world, snippets of school life, working in careers guidance, her position at the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, and her roles monitoring staff at Highpoint prison and as a Unison representative. She also shared with us her mantra, “Everyone has something special”wwib-autumn-18 wwib-autumn-17 wwib-autumn-16 wwib-autumn-15 wwib-autumn-14 wwib-autumn-13 wwib-autumn-12 wwib-autumn-11 wwib-autumn-10 wwib-autumn-9 wwib-autumn-8 wwib-autumn-7 wwib-autumn-6 wwib-autumn-5 wwib-autumn-4 wwib-autumn-3 wwib-autumn-2 wwib-autumn-1 wwib-autumn-19

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